Coalitions For Kari


Connect with Arizonans from all walks of life and spread our message across this great state. Our movement has over 30 coalitions dedicated to saving Arizona.


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Coalitions are special interest groups that work together to help represent and promote Kari Lake for Arizona’s Governor. This is a great opportunity to get more involved with like minded individuals and help spread the word about Kari to these groups. We invite you to join one of our multiple coalitions.


  • Latinos for Lake
  • Moms for Kari
  • Education Advocates for Kari
  • Border Security for Kari
  • Gun Owners for Kari
  • Veterans for Kari
  • Builders for Kari
  • Health Care Workers for Kari
  • Asian Pacific Americans for Kari
  • Assyrians for Kari
  • Black Voices for Kari
  • Catholics for Kari
  • Lawyers for Kari
  • Yugoslavians for Lake
  • Armenians for Kari
  • Evangelicals for Kari
  • Pro-Life for Kari
  • Jewish Voices for Kari
  • LDS for Kari
  • Native Americans for Kari
  • Bikers for Kari
  • Students for Kari
  • Democrats for Kari
  • Law Enforcement for Kari
  • Farmers and Ranchers for Kari
  • Muslims for Kari
  • Independents for Kari
  • Firefighters for Kari
  • Business Owners for Kari
  • Young Professional for Kari


If you have a question contact [email protected]