‘Corrupt as Hell’: Kari Lake Releases Statement on Trump Verdict


Phoenix, AZ - Kari Lake released the following statement on the weaponization of our legal system against President Trump:

“This outrageous verdict against President Trump proves, yet again, that the system isn’t just broken — It’s corrupt as hell.

There is no justice to be found unless you are a Biden supporter. 

Defamation accusations are being weaponized against the leaders of the America First movement, whether they be Trump, Rudy Guiliani, or me — if you say anything against the corrupt political machine you are targeted.

For Rudy and me, it’s questioning wrongdoing in our elections. For President Donald J. Trump, it’s defending himself and fighting back against wild accusations from a lunatic he has never met.

They want to render their political opponents destitute and penniless. They want to silence us and take away our voice and our free speech so we can’t call-out the tyranny in our government.

We are not going to silence our voices. 

Instead, we are going to get louder. 

It is our duty as citizens to call out lies and corruption. 

There aren’t enough Soros attorneys in the world to sue all of us.”