ICYMI: Ruben Gallego Hiding His Ties to Joe Biden


It has been 282 days since Joe Biden announced he is running for re-election. Rubber Stamp Ruben Gallego, Joe Biden’s favorite Congressman, who votes with Biden 100 percent of the time, REFUSED to answer whether or not he will endorse Joe Biden during an interview with Arizona’s Family.

In March of 2020, before the Democratic primary was over, Ruben Gallego gleefully avalado Joe Biden for President. Now that he is running for the U.S. Senate in Arizona, Gallego refuses to tell Arizonans if he will proudly endorse Joe Biden for President in 2024.

When asked on January 18th, Ruben Gallego refused to comment on if he will endorse Joe Biden. Asked again by Dennis Welch of Arizona’s Family, Gallego refused to give a straight answer. 

“Ruben Gallego can’t give a straight answer when asked if he is endorsing Joe Biden for re-election, despite voting for Biden’s agenda 100% of the time. What’s going on here?,” the NRSC tweeted.

Arizonans won’t be fooled. They know Gallego has supported Biden’s high spending, leading to inflation, and Biden’s repeal of Title 42, which was an important border measure allowing CBP agents to expel illegal migrants more quickly. They know Gallego was against building President Trump’s border wall, and that he refused to say there was a national emergency at the Arizona border.

It’s no wonder why Gallego refuses to answer the question. He doesn’t want to be tied to a failing Administration and President who is consistently losing to President Trump in the polls. He knows that Arizonans strongly disapprove of the Biden agenda that he fully supports.

How many days before Ruben Gallego is honest with Arizonans about his support of Joe Biden?