Senator Tommy Tuberville Endorses Kari Lake


Washington D.C. - On Wednesday, Former Auburn Football Coach and current U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville endorsed Kari Lake to be the next U.S. Senator from Arizona.

DAILY CALLER: EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Tommy Tuberville Endorses Kari Lake For Senate

Senator Tuberville Released the Following Statement:

“If I learned anything from my 40 years of coaching football, it was the value of teamwork. And if I’ve learned anything during my time in the Senate, it’s that America needs more common-sense conservatives willing to go against the grain in Washington D.C. and fight to take our freedoms back. Kari Lake is just the teammate I need beside me in the United States Senate. That’s why she has my complete endorsement.”

Kari Lake ha hecho público el siguiente comunicado:

“My father was a High School football coach.He taught me the value of tackling problems head-on.Coach Tuberville is cut from the same cloth. We share the relentless drive to save our country, and he needs more America First Senators to take the field alongside him and win this country back. I’m honored to have his endorsement.”