ICYMI: President Trump SLAMS Open Borders Ruben Gallego, Encourages Voters to Elect Kari Lake


Phoenix, AZ – On Thursday, at a townhall hosted by Turning Point Action in Arizona, President Donald J. Trump slammed radical Ruben Gallego for his open-borders record and encouraged Arizonans to vote for Kari Lake

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “She’s out there and she’s a warrior I’ll tell you. And she’s a very fine person and a great, great, she’s a great family person, and a great person who loves our country. You’re gonna be your next senator. She’s gotta be your next senator because she’s running against somebody, she’s running against somebody who’s for open borders. Do you like open borders?I don’t think so. You gotta elect Kari Lake. She’s gonna be fantastic. Thank you, Kari. She’s incredible. She’s gonna do a good job. The campaign is just beginning.”


Read more on Ruben Gallego’s open-borders record: HERE

Kari Lake released the following statement: 

“Arizonans are feeling the effects of Biden’s open border. Drugs are flooding our streets, crime is rising, and our communities are burdened with the mass influx of illegal immigrants into our state, costing Arizona tens of millions in taxpayer dollars. Ruben Gallego does not believe this is a national emergency, will not finish the wall, and consistently undermines border security efforts.

When I’m in the U.S. Senate, I will work with President Trump to immediately secure our border and defend Arizona.”