10 Point Plan to Secure the Border

According to data from the Border Patrol, almost one in every fifty people now in the United States has come here illegally under Joe Biden and the Democrats. Pew reports that, worldwide, over 160 million people still want to migrate to the United States. Biden has hung out the welcome sign and thrown our border wide open. The result is unsustainable.

Fentanyl and meth, made with Chinese chemicals and produced in Mexican factories, are destroying our cities, ruining our quality of life, and leaving a vast trail of bodies in their wake. Crime is exploding. Housing, already in short supply and desperately needed by the millions of Americans living on our streets, is being given – for free, with no end date – to people who just arrived instead. American workers are having their wages undercut and opportunities for advancement snapped up by never-ending waves of new arrivals. Our border towns and states are overwhelmed. Even far-left New Yorkers can no longer hide from the negative impacts of Democrat policies that are putting America and Americans last.

When President Donald Trump took office, the path to securing our border and protecting American families and workers was relatively straightforward: build the wall, make it clear to the people of the world that attempting to cross illegally would not result in their getting to stay here, and enforce the laws we have on the books. That approach worked, generating the biggest reduction in illegal border crossings in history. Under Biden and the Democrats, however, the problem has exploded. 

Kari Lake is committed to providing our Border Patrol agents with the tools and resources to fully secure our border and protect American families, including:

  • Finishing the wall. If the wall didn’t work, Biden wouldn’t have welded the doors open. 
  • Enhancing technological surveillance and monitoring to assist Border Patrol with interceptions.
  • Enforcing the laws we already have on the books.

These first three steps were working before Joe Biden took office. Unfortunately, Biden’s total refusal to enforce the law has made the situation more complex, and Kari supports additional legislative action to take on the international criminal cartels orchestrating the flood at our border, address the overflow of people now in the country illegally, and prevent future waves of uncontrolled mass migration:

  • Remove the provision which allows endemic crime in a person’s country of origin to qualify them for asylum. Many of the U.S.’s largest, Democrat-run cities have violent crime rates similar to – in some cases higher than – those in the countries people are leaving to come here. This is the primary condition being cited by asylum seekers, removing it will automatically disqualify a majority of applicants. 
  • Require the automatic, immediate deportation of individuals caught crossing the border outside of official ports of entry. Further, individuals caught crossing the border outside of a port of entry will be permanently banned from entry into the U.S. 
  • Hire hundreds – thousands, if necessary – of new judges to hear asylum claims and clear the enormous backlog of cases that have stacked up under Biden and the Democrats.
  • Build additional facilities on the border to house claimants until their cases can be heard so that those who claims are not upheld can be immediately deported. 
  • Expand and enforce E-Verify, including increased workplace enforcement, to ensure that people who have been erroneously let in under Biden cannot remain here indefinitely by simply avoiding their court dates as they are now. 
  • Withhold foreign aid to countries that do not actively assist U.S. agencies in preventing the uncontrolled flow of illegal migration. 
  • Provide personnel and material assistance to other nations who are willing to tackle violent, organized crime and take on the international criminal cartels on their own territory.