Kari Lake is the only mother in this race. Kari believes life is priceless, and that having children is the greatest blessing any woman can ever experience. Kari wants to do everything she can to help women choose life, to choose to bring that blessing into their own existence. She also recognizes that a majority of people in this country and in the State of Arizona hold the view that abortion should be legal with restrictions against late-term and partial-birth abortions. Arizona’s law currently allows abortions up to 15 weeks, and Kari does not support a federal ban on abortion. Abortion is, as the courts decided, an issue for states to decide, not the federal government.

Kari’s focus will be on ensuring that young women facing the challenges of motherhood have all the support they need to choose life, including quality pre-natal care, parenting classes, and financial support where necessary. Kari believes in making sure that women know they have a real choice and not be pushed into an abortion they may well later regret because, when they sought help, they weren’t given any other options. Lots of women come to regret having gotten an abortion, very few regret having a child.