Cut Inflation & Reduce the Deficit

The federal government is spending money it doesn’t have, papering over a now more than $1.5 trillion annual deficit by printing more of it. That’s what causes inflation, why Americans are struggling just to afford everyday necessities. Kari Lake will cut spending, reduce bureaucracy, and free American workers to grow our economy: because increasing our total economic output is the surest way to tame inflation now, and in the future. 

Markets around the world are increasingly concerned about the stability of the dollar and our growing debt. Right now, countries and investors around the world are financing our overspending by continuing to buy T-Bills, but they’re not going to keep buying them if we continue on this reckless course to national bankruptcy. Kari will work to limit the growth of the federal budget until we return to the point where annual tax revenues are higher than what we’re spending. Once we do that, we can slowly pay off our debt and, over time, free more revenue to directly benefit American citizens.