Economic Plan

Tax Relief on Rent and Groceries

Arizonans are currently suffering through the highest rate of inflation in the entire country. While Joe Biden and Katie Hobbs keep pushing their reckless tax-and-spend agenda, their disastrous policies are waging war on the people of Arizona and driving up the cost of everything from groceries to gas. Meanwhile, the failure of Democrat-run states like California has sent hundreds of thousands of residents fleeing to our state, creating a massive spike in housing costs.

Arizonans can’t afford to wait for a change of leadership in Washington - they need relief now. 

That’s why I’ve pledged to eliminate all taxes on groceries and rent in the State of Arizona, putting almost half a billion dollars back into the pockets of Arizona families. Thanks to the leadership of Governor Ducey and the Republican-led legislature, Arizona is expecting a $5 billion surplus in the state's General Fund, which can be used to offset the loss in revenue for municipalities.

Collecting taxes on the food Arizonans buy to feed their families and the rent they pay to keep a roof over their heads isn’t just immoral - it hurts the poorest Arizonans the most, as well as seniors living on a fixed income. 

As Governor, I plan to eliminate these regressive, unnecessary taxes and ensure our state never again forces Arizonans to choose between rent or food.

Boosting Arizona’s Economy and Creating Jobs

We have to do everything in our power to blunt the effects of Joe Biden and Katie Hobbs' liberal, anti-growth, job-killing agenda by making Arizona’s economic engine one of the strongest and most competitive in the country.

To start, I’ve pledged to cut taxes every year I’m in office, starting with sales taxes and then property taxes. Rolling back these two taxes, which impact nearly every Arizonan, will deliver widespread and immediate relief to Arizona's families. My opponent Katie Hobbs, who voted against tax relief for Arizona's families numerous times and even sponsored a bill to raise the gas tax and tax Arizonans for every mile they drive, would take the exact opposite, unaffordable approach.

To create new opportunities for Arizonans, we have to make sure our economy is one of the most competitive in the country to launch or relocate a business. To get there, I plan to identify and roll back any cumbersome and unnecessary regulations that get in the way of Arizona’s appeal to attract new businesses and jobs. Critically, we’re going to make sure regulatory relief benefits ALL of Arizona’s businesses, not just the large ones. We can't allow the heavy hand of Washington to hurt Arizona's businesses, yet my opponent Katie Hobbs has proven she will do nothing to stop the Biden Administration's regulatory assault on our state.

To attract new businesses and jobs, we also have to make sure that Arizona is training workers with the necessary skills to fulfill modern manufacturing and other technical jobs in high-demand. 

That’s why I have proposed a game-changing, dual-track education plan that will allow Arizona’s students to go straight from high school into skilled, high-paying, rewarding careers.

Arizona’s economy is poised to lead the way in the next decade. My plan will help Arizona build one of the most competitive and prosperous economies in the country and create endless opportunities for Arizona’s families.