Homelessness and Quality of Life

The exploding epidemic of drug and mental-illness fueled homelessness is destroying the quality of life for residents in our biggest cities. It is neither compassionate or caring to leave people suffering from severe mental illness and significant drug addictions on the streets. Addressing chronic street homelessness was a major focus of Kari Lake’s campaign for Governor, and she remains committed to tackling this problem head-on for the good of all. As your Senator, Kari Lake will fully support President Trump’s plan to get homeless individuals off the street and in to treatment, by:

  • Banning urban camping.
  • Providing both federal lands and funding for controlled camping and shelter facilities.
  • Rebuilding a national system of in-patient treatment centers, halfway houses, and assisted-living facilities for drug and mental health treatment of the most seriously addicted and mentally-deranged individuals to get the treatment they need and get back on a path to wellness.
  • Refocus federal policy to lead with services and treatment, and end federal support for so-called “harm reduction” policies that have failed and are only enabling chronic street homelessness and drug use as a lifestyle. 

Kari Lake believes we have to stop allowing a tiny percentage of our population to ruin the quality of life for hard-working, productive citizens and their families. No one should have to navigate a hellscape of zombie drug users, discarded needles, public lewdness, and feces just to walk down the sidewalk. Families should be able to take their kids to our parks and recreational areas without fear. Law and order must be returned to our streets.