Make America Energy Dominant

Under President Trump, America was a net energy exporter. Now Democrats are waging a war on cheap, plentiful American energy. Utility rates are exploding. Gas prices are through the roof. Families are suffering. The policies of the radical left are taking a toll we simply can’t afford. There is no good reason for it. America is blessed with some of the biggest and most accessible energy reserves on the planet, but Democrats don’t want us to benefit from them.

We can all agree that we want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. Less pollution is better than more pollution. But waging a war on clean-burning oil and natural gas is counterproductive and unrealistic. America’s emissions of greenhouse gasses have been dropping steadily for over 20 years. The continued transition from coal to natural gas will generate additional reductions in the coming years. 

Long-term, our energy future will come from new, safe, and clean nuclear and reactor technologies. Clean, plentiful natural gas and oil are the bridges to that future. Kari Lake will vote to open our oil reserves to exploration, cut prices at the pump and on your utility bill, and expand exports once again.