Kari Lake Responds to Biden Debate Disaster: Will Ruben Defend Joe?


Phoenix, AZ – On Thursday night, Americans watched as Joe Biden fell apart on national television. Many of us have known Biden to be in cognitive decline for years while the mainstream media and Democrats like Ruben Gallego continued to gaslight us, telling us all was fine. Now, there is no more hiding from the devastating truth, but will Ruben still defend Joe?

The Lake Campaign Released the Following Statement:

“For over three years, Joe Biden destroyed our country through open borders, high inflation, and weak foreign policy. Ruben Gallego did nothing to stop it. Instead, Ruben Gallego chose to be an extension of Biden by voting to support his disastrous agenda 100% of the time.

Gallego is responsible for this dumpster fire, but President Trump and Kari Lake will go to Washington D.C. to put it out.”