Kari Lake Responds to Joe Biden’s Oval Office Address


“Joe Biden and his enablers, Kyrsten Sinema and Ruben Gallego, have gone from a deafening silence on American and Israeli hostages to now holding American taxpayers hostage by combining tens of billions of dollars in foreign aid to Ukraine with critically needed border funding and Israel support. Biden’s unbridled pursuit of war in Ukraine is wrong, dangerous, and has nothing to do with the crisis he created on our southern border, as well as our need to support Israel NOW. 

Biden, Sinema and Gallego’s deafening silence on the radical, anti-Semitic elements within the Democrat Party also lets Arizona voters know who is REALLY in charge of their Party. That’s because The Squad – and their fellow liberal radicals – control the Democrat Party, and Biden, Sinema and Gallego alike are too afraid to challenge them. 

Watch Sinema and Gallego closely here – they are rubber stamps, and mere puppets, for Joe Biden’s misguided agenda, which should frighten everyone.”