Kari Lake SLAMS Ruben Gallego’s Flip-Flop on Non-Citizens Voting


Phoenix, AZ – Just last year, Ruben Gallego voted in favor of allowing non-citizens to vote in U.S. elections. Saying, he does not believe Congress “should be in the business of telling the residents of Washington, D.C. how to hold their democratic elections.”

Yet today – now that he is running for Senate and finds it politically convenient – Gallego flip-flopped and voted against allowing non-citizens to vote in D.C. elections.

Kari Lake Released the Following Statement:

“Ruben Gallego is nothing but a career politician and political opportunist. Flip-flopping on the issues now won’t trick Arizonans into thinking he’s a moderate after we’ve watched him vote for open-borders policies time and time again over his decade in Washington DC. 

I’m running for Senate to stop career politicians like Gallego, and to be a true voice in D.C. for the everyday Arizonans who deserve a secure border, strong national security and safe communities.”