Ruben Gallego Just Voted To Allow Illegal Aliens To VOTE In Our Elections


Phoenix, AZ – On Wednesday, Ruben Gallego voted AGAINST the SAVE Act, which would prevent illegal immigrants and non-U.S. citizens from voting in our elections and establish penalties for intentionally registering non-citizens to vote. 

Notably, Arizona currently tells voters that if their citizenship cannot be confirmed, they will receive a federal-only ballot, allowing them to vote in Presidential, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House Elections.

Kari Lake Released the Following Statement:

“Ruben Gallego helped Joe Biden open our border and allowed millions of illegal aliens into America. Then today, to add insult to injury, Ruben spat in the face of every law-abiding American when he voted to allow illegal immigrants to vote in our elections. 

Our elections are sacred. We will NOT allow Biden and Gallego to water down our vote and disenfranchise American citizens.  Ruben Gallego is the most radical member of Congress, and this November, Arizona will reject him and his owner, Joe Biden.”

– Gallego said: “There is no “national emergency” coming from the border.”


– In 2019, Gallego voted to block President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the border


– Gallego called the border wall “stupid” and “useless”


– Gallego published an op-ed titled “we should not build the border wall(ever)”


– Gallego co-sponsored H.R. 748, the Safeguarding Sanctuary Cities Act of 2017


– Gallego voted for the Build Back Better Act. If signed into law, it would have granted amnesty to an estimated 6.5 million illegal immigrants, even being called the “largest mass-legalization program for undocumented immigrants in history”


– In February 2023, Gallego called Title 42 ineffective on a virtual town hall with Indivisible. Furthermore, in a 2021 letter signed by Gallego, members of Congress urged the Biden Administration to end Title 42 


– Gallego said securing our border is a “misguided scheme”


– Gallego said sending more troops to the border was a “misuse of funds and manpower”


– In 2020, Gallego voted for the HEROES Act, which would have given $1,200 to illegal immigrants


– In 2017, Gallego voted against imposing tougher sentences on criminals who entered the U.S. illegally multiple times


– In 2021, Gallego voted for HR 1333, a bill meant to restrict the President’s ability to enforce immigration laws and secure our border


– In 2023, Gallego voted against the Secure the Border Act, which would restart construction of the border wall, increase the number of border patrol agents, and crack down on employment of illegal immigrants holding American jobs.


– In January 2024, Gallego voted against a resolution denouncing Biden’s open border


– Gallego voted against notifying ICE when an illegal immigrant attempts to buy a firearm


– Gallego voted against a motion that would prevent illegal immigrants who have a violent record or pose a criminal, public safety, or national security risk to remain in the United States