Ruben Gallego’s Radical Record on the Border


Ruben Gallego is scheduled to hold a photo op press conference at the border today, but let’s take a look at this record that has led to the humanitarian and national security crisis facing Arizona communities today:

– Gallego said: “There is no “national emergency” coming from the border.”

– Gallego called the border wall “stupid” and “useless”

– Gallego co-sponsored H.R. 748, the Safeguarding Sanctuary Cities Act of 2017

– Gallego voted for the Build Back Better Act. If signed into law, it would have granted amnesty to an estimated 6.5 million illegal immigrants, even being called the “largest mass-legalization program for undocumented immigrants in history”

– In February 2023, Gallego called Title 42 ineffective on a virtual town hall with Indivisible. Furthermore, in a 2021 letter signed by Gallego, members of Congress urged the Biden Administration to end Title 42 

– Gallego said securing our border is a “misguided scheme”

– Gallego said sending more troops to the border was a “misuse of funds and manpower”

The Lake Campaign Released The Following Statement:

“Ruben Gallego has been in Congress over a decade and has done nothing to secure our border. In fact, he’s done more to make this crisis worse. Arizonans will not be fooled: Ruben Gallego supported sanctuary cities, giving voting rights to illegal immigrants in local elections, called the border wall stupid, and called for the end of Title 42.”