The State of Arizona and America Under Biden and Gallego


Phoenix, AZ – Prior to Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, the Kari Lake Campaign released the real State of our Union under Joe Biden and his Far-Left enablers like Ruben Gallego:

1. Ruben’s district in Phoenix led the nation in inflation in 2022. Even as that rate slows, Arizonans are still paying $26,327 more for food, housing, transportation, medical care, and other goods and services than they did under President Trump.

2. President Trump provided this country with the most secure border in our nation’s history through policies like Remain in Mexico, Title 42, and by building over 571 miles of wall along our southern border. Biden, with the support of Gallego, abandoned all of those policies, and facilitated an invasion of our country. Gallego supported ending Title 42, voted to fund sanctuary cities, and called the border wall stupid. There have been over 10 million illegal border crossers since Biden’s inauguration. A total greater than the individual populations of 41 states.

3. As a result of the wide-open border, the WMD known as Fentanyl is now the most common substance found in opioid overdose deaths in Arizona. Since Biden took office, Arizona has experienced nearly 6,000 overdose deaths. All tragic. All preventable. This poison is killing a generation of Americans.

4. When President Trump left office, gas in Arizona was $1.65 per gallon. Under Biden, the price of gas in Phoenix hit a record high of $5.38 in June 2022. Even now, as Biden celebrates his so-called recovery, the average cost of a tank of gas in Arizona sits at $3.58, among the highest in the nation. All a result of Biden declaring war on America’s domestic energy supply, and abandoning the Trump policies that made America energy dominant.

Kari Lake Released the Following Statement:

“The State Of The Union under Joe Biden and Ruben Gallego is a state of disrepair.

Joe Biden came into office telling us he would “Build Back Better.” Nothing is built, nothing is better. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and it won’t be for much longer.

When President Donald J. Trump returns to the White House and I join him in Washington D.C. in the United States Senate, we will immediately get to work turning the Biden-Gallego disaster around. 

We will secure the border, cut taxes, and return fiscal sanity to a nation desperately in need of the common-sense solutions that only America First policy can provide.”